Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, one of the largest hospitals in Western New York, has expanded continuous patient monitoring using Masimo SET pulse oximetry and the Masimo Patient SafetyNet remote monitoring and clinician notification system after seeing reduction in mortality on a pilot-program floor.

At Mercy, Masimo Radical-7 and Rad-87 devices continuously monitor oxygenation with Masimo SET pulse oximetry and breathing with RRa. Patient Safety net enables the remote monitoring and wireless notification to clinicians of events detected by the bedside devices.

“After conducting a 30-month study of Patient SafetyNet on the hospital’s 33-bed medical/surgical 6 McAuley West Unit, the hospital concluded that continuous patient monitoring can benefit all patients and potentially save lives, and so expanded the system throughout the hospital,” said Jon Carlson, Mercy Hospital’s director of Respiratory Care.

“The outcome of the trial was a reduction in all-cause mortality on the pilot floor (excluding hospice and comfort care patients from both baseline and study data),” said Carlson. “The Patient SafetyNet monitoring system gives us the opportunity to further enhance patient safety, improve outcomes, and reduce costs by avoiding preventable patient transfers to the ICU.”