The FDA is preparing a new campaign to discourage teens from vaping and will investigate the marketing strategies of the Juul e-cigarette, which holds nearly a three-quarters share of the e-cigarette market. At the same time, a parent organization called Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes are also looking to discourage their use in teens.

The agency says its new campaign is just part of its effort to find out why e-cigarette use is rampant among teenagers, and how to stop it. At the same time, parents are launching their own effort and asking why the government isn’t doing more, reports CBS News’ Anna Werner.

Meredith Berkman, a mother of four, says she couldn’t sit and wait for the government to stop kids from using Juul. So she and two other moms recently launched the grassroots group Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes to educate about the dangers of e-cigarettes, advocate against their use and lobby for legislative action.

“This is coming to epidemic proportions and it’s dangerous,” Berkman said. “I know what these teens are doing and I don’t want my 11-year-old to get caught up in that either, and we have to act about that now.”