According to a news release by 3B Medical, the company’s Luna Auto-CPAP system was found to be the quietest in a comparison of five leading CPAP devices.

The testing, conducted by independent acoustics testing lab Koikos Acoustics, tested the noise level of the following devices: ResMed Airsense S10, Phillips Dreamstation, 3B Luna Auto, 3B RESmart and Transcend II.

According to the testing, noise level measurements were taken 1.0 meters from each of the devices. The ambient noise level was subtracted from the noise level measurements of each of the operating CPAP devices. The resultant noise level for each of the CPAP devices is therefore the noise emitted from the devices without the contribution of the ambient noise level.

All machines were set into CPAP mode with a constant pressure setting of 10 cm H20 and the air outlet ports were terminated with a digital manometer pressure meter.