Caire Inc (a Chart Industries Company) has launched the Caire Cash Flow Management Program, which allows providers to purchase a complete oxygen setup for only $54 per month for 36 months with free shipping.

The package includes the AirSep FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator with an additional external battery, and the Caire Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator, with or without oxygen monitoring. Both come with a 3-year warranty including sieve beds.

The Program was designed with the providers in mind. “In today’s environment, providers need a partner, rather than just a supplier,” said George Coppola, director of Marketing at Caire Inc. “We offer every O2 modality for a wide array of LTOT patients, but more importantly, we understand the challenges that the industry faces and we have created a program that helps our provider partners address some of the challenges stemming from National Competitive Bidding.”

“The FreeStyle and Companion 5 bundle gives the homecare provider a complete patient set-up for a monthly cost well below the declining reimbursement rates for E1390 and E1392. We expect this program to be well received,” continued Coppola. Providers can switch to a non-delivery modality to eliminate expensive cylinder deliveries, or upgrade their existing non-delivery fleet with new inventory.

More info:

  • 1-800-482-2473 or by email at
  • [email protected].
  • Reference Item Number (without OCSI) AS095-B0013B or Item Number (with OCSI) AS095-B0023B, and Promo ID Code 5436.