Vitalograph is now an authorized distributor of NIOX point-of-care fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) testing devices in the United States, according to a company announcement.

NIOX Vero is a noninvasive point-of-care system that provides rapid standardized FeNO measurements to assess airway inflammation and help improve asthma diagnosis and management for patients age 7 years and older in the US.

Research has shown that up to 84% of asthma patients have Type 2 airway inflammation, which is particularly associated with exacerbations. By measuring the concentration of FeNO, NIOX enables clinicians to evaluate airway inflammation in asthma patients, aiding diagnosis and reducing exacerbations.

“This is a very convenient and beneficial opportunity to bundle the NIOX FeNO testing products into our own portfolio of spirometers and screening devices. Vitalograph is proud to include this important testing tool as an option to further enhance the range and sophistication of our available solutions,” said Troy Pridgeon, executive vice president of Vitalograph’s Sales & Operations for North America.

NIOX senior vice president, Americas and Research Business, Tom Scaccia, added: “NIOX is the gold standard point-of-care FeNO testing device and an accurate, reliable, and straightforward technology trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals to help manage their patient’s asthma. A US sales agreement with Vitalograph furthers our goal of ensuring that the millions of asthma patients in the US have access to this important device.”