Independent lab testing has verified the Lumin CPAP accessory cleaner can effectively decontaminate N95 respirators contaminated with human coronavirus 229E (ATCC VR-740), according to an independent analysis reported by manufacturer 3B Medical.

Lumin is a high-powered UVC based sanitizing device initially developed for home use to clean CPAP accessories in a mirrored chamber. According to 3B Medical, the device has a measured UVC irradiance output of roughly 2,000 mJ/cm2, well in excess of the dose requirement to kill most bacteria and viruses.

According to the independent analysis by Microchem, an N95 respirator contaminated with human coronavirus 229E ATCC VR-740 was sanitized using the Lumin. 3B Medical reports that Lumin had “greater than a 99.9% kill of human coronavirus.”

From the study:

The purpose of the study was to determine the virucidal efficacy of the Lumin device against Human Coronavirus 229E, ATCC VR-740 supplemented with a 5% FBS soil load, at a contact time of 5 minutes at an exposure temperature of room temperature (25.5°C to 25.8°C and 45.7% to 46.2% RH).

The Plate Recovery Control demonstrated a viral titer of 3.75 log10 TCID50 per 0.1 ml and 4.05 log10 TCID50 per carrier.

Taking the cytotoxicity and neutralization control results into consideration, the evaluated test device demonstrated an average ≥3.25 Log10 reduction in viral titer (99.94% reduction).

No test substance cytotoxicity was detected in either lot of test substance assayed (≤0.50 Log10).

The Test Substance Neutralization Control demonstrated that the test substance was neutralized at ≤0.50 Log10 for the lot assayed.