RespirTech has introduced a new remote monitoring system for the treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients, according to a company announcement.

For the first time, spirometry and high-frequency chest compression (HFCC) will be available in a coordinated system that wirelessly transmits therapy data to a smartphone, the company said.

The information is then shared with healthcare providers via a web-based app, allowing them to obtain a more complete, accurate picture of a patient’s status.

“By monitoring patients’ lung function and therapy adherence at home, clinicians can optimize patient care,” said K. James Ehlen, MD, CEO of RespirTech. “A primary goal of this initiative is to use ongoing data to detect and address pulmonary issues before they require more serious and costly interventions.”

Through the system, clinicians will use current data to quickly identify and respond to changes in a patient’s pulmonary function. They can then adjust the prescribed HFCC regimen and lung function monitoring based on a patient’s specific needs. Remote monitoring may be particularly useful for patients living in areas with limited access to CF specialists, RespirTech said.

The system is being developed as part of a project funded by a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institutes of Health. SBIR grants provide early stage capital for research that has a strong potential for commercialization, according to the company.

Other project collaborators include leading pulmonary researchers affiliated with two major US academic medical centers and Health Factors Inc, a Minneapolis company creating and implementing the connected-device strategy.