Students from the University of Northampton’s School of Health are working with COPD patients to offer singing sessions, which may have positive health benefits.

With support from the Breathless Singers group and from the University of Northampton’s Centre for Employability and Engagement, the students have built networks between singing and pulmonary support groups in Northampton, and recently facilitated a taster ‘Singing for COPD’ session at a local community center which was attended by over 40 people. The session included breathing exercises, vocal warm ups and singing.

“The funding kindly provided by the Centre for Employability and Engagement has allowed that first session to grow into a run of six sessions which we have called ‘Singing for Breathing’. From our research we have concluded that singing is good for wellbeing, and we’re offering more sessions to allow extra people to engage in the group,” said University of Northampton student Angela Prouse.

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