Pulmatrix Inc has received a key patent in the US for its lead drug candidate, PUR0200, which is intended to treat COPD.

The new patent covers PUR0200, an inhaled drug made by combining Pulmatrix’s technology platform with tiotropium bromide. Tiotropium bromide is the active ingredient in Spiriva.

The new patent, US 9642798, follows both an earlier patent granted in Japan in 2016 (JP 5877204) for the composition of PUR0200 and several broader patents (such as US 9061352, 9119778, 9233158, 9238005 and 9433576) that provide protection for Pulmatrix’s technology platform and its use to treat a wide variety of diseases.

“This patent ensures that the product is protected by intellectual property until 2033,” said Robert W. Clarke, PhD, Chief Executive Officer for Pulmatrix. “It also is further recognition of the potential medical advances offered by our innovative iSperse technology for delivering drugs to the lungs more efficiently.”

Clinical trials of PUR0200 have shown that the product is up to five times more efficient at delivering the drug to the lungs than are the currently marketed alternatives.Pulmatrix is now developing PUR0200 in both Europe and the United States, following regulatory pathways that offer quicker approvals and lower costs.”This new patent is another step forward to bringing PUR0200 to market—and to be able to offer new benefits to patients suffering from COPD,” added Dr Clarke.