The COPD Foundation and ViiMed launched COPD360coach at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Amsterdam.

COPD360coach is an interactive website and mobile application for health coaching, health education and wellness monitoring for patients with COPD. The platform complements and enhances healthcare organizations’ existing care management solutions by enabling a coordinated and asynchronous peer-coaching infrastructure.

This approach further guides empowerment of people with COPD utilizing educational modules comprised of online videos and courses taught by health professionals and real COPD patients, all while providing an extended care coordination backbone for the Health System or ACO.

Personalized interactions support a person with COPD, while COPD360coach’s layered coordination capabilities help drive better outcomes by spotting trends before unfavorable results occur, according to the organization.

“Being a person with COPD and a peer-coach, I am so excited to see the COPD360coach approach in action,” said Karen Erickson, the Associate Executive Director of Community Engagement at the Alpha-1 Foundation. “Yes, the healthcare community needs to track outcomes and data along the journey, and COPD360coach will obviously do that through devices, education and other quantifiable methods, but to center engagement around personalized relationships between providers, peer-coaches and persons with COPD in this unique way will strengthen the necessary bond that truly changes behavior or provide that timely reinforcement outlet when it’s needed.”