A Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine study shows that individuals with asthma had lower functional capacity and levels of physical activity as well as a higher percentage of body fat compared to healthy individuals.

This study aimed at performing a battery of function-related assessments in patients with asthma and comparing them to a healthy control group. A prospective, transversal and case-control study was designed. It was set up at Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital -Sao Paulo and Nove de Julho University on a population of outpatients. Subjects of the study were patients affected by moderate to severe asthma. A case-control study was carried out involving 20 patients with moderate to severe asthma and 15 healthy individuals (control group). All participants underwent body composition analysis (BMI and BIA) and a controlled walk test (Shuttle test), resistance muscle test (1RM) and answered a physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ). The group with asthma also answered a questionnaire addressing the clinical control of the illness (ACQ).