In a February 5th blog post, respiratory therapy student Meghan Miller, from Charleston, SC, describes her recent experience in a delivery room in which she observed a newborn’s first breath. In the post, Meghan calls the experience “rewarding” and “beyond incredible” and also reflects on the importance of RTs being present in the delivery room for the safety of the newborn.

From the blog: 

Although I do not get into pediatrics until my second year of school, observing the C-section sparked my interest in researching what a respiratory therapist role is in the delivery room. Considering many newborns need assistance in transitioning into life, and this is a time of great physiologic adjustments, it is important for a respiratory therapist to be present to assess, treat, and monitor heart and lung (cardiopulmonary) problems, which may require  breathing assistance with a ventilator or initiation of medical gases.