Breas Medical, a global respiratory medical device company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2016.

2016 is a milestone year for Breas Medical celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary. From humble beginnings in 1991 in Sweden, Breas has grown into a global respiratory medical device company. “It has been a fantastic journey,” says Ulf Jönsson, managing director of Breas and one of the founders of the company, “we have always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, closeness to our customers and the vision to improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory disorders”.

With a focus on users, medical staff and homecare providers, Breas has built a track record of developing innovative solutions for homecare ventilation that make treatment more effective, easier or less costly. Moreover, attractive Swedish [or Scandinavian] design has always been a signature of the Breas products.

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