Discovery Laboratories Inc. (Warrington, PA) last week launched Afectair, an airway connector for infants receiving aerosolized medication in neonatal or pediatric intensive care units.

“We are very excited to formally introduce Afectair to the neonatal and pediatric critical care community,” said Thomas F. Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Discovery Labs. “The Afectair technology exemplifies Discovery Labs’ innovative spirit and progress toward advancing new standards in respiratory critical care.”

Afectair is a proprietary, disposable device that simplifies the delivery of aerosolized medications to critical-care patients requiring ventilatory support such as intermittent mechanical ventilation or continuous positive airway pressure, according to the company. To date, in vitro studies suggest the technology may be an effective new solution for delivering aerosolized medications to infants receiving ventilatory support while providing healthcare professionals with a simplified alternative to current practices.