Dräger Medical Inc, Telford, Pa, will showcase its original product, the Pulmotor, alongside of its latest respiratory care devices at the annual ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Calif, October 13-17, and at the AARC Respiratory Congress in Orlando, Fla, December 1-4, 2007.

The event marks the company’s 100th anniversary of Dräger Medical’s presence—and that of its parent company, Drägerwerk AG—in the United States. Dräger has manufactured a wide range of respiratory devices servicing industries as far flung as fire departments to home care and recreational scuba diving.  

Innovations include the recently released Carina™Home home care ventilator; SmartCare/PS; Oxylog 3000 ICU-level performance emergency transport ventilator; and the Fabius Tiro M, eliminating the need for a compressed gas source to drive the ventilator, an important consideration in field environments.