Ferraris Respiratory, Louisville, Colo, offers the all-inclusive KoKo® Legend portable spirometers. KoKo exceeds American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society 2005 standards and redefines accuracy through technology and simplicity with Legend’s intuitive color touch screen, walking both patient and physician through standard testing procedures promoting superior patient test results. KoKo Legend utilizes a unique flexible orifice pneumotach, which is extraordinarily precise at the low flow rates common in both pediatric and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. Choose built-in-printing or external office printing for 8.5 x 11 inch reports. Easily transfer data into our KoKo PFT spirometry software via a standard USB cable. (800) 574-7374;

NDD Medical Technologies, Andover, Mass, announces that their EasyOne Frontline Spirometer™ is the first and only spirometer to meet the National Lung Health Education Program (NLHEP) criteria for office-based spirometry. As defined by NLHEP, an office-based spirometer is one that is appropriate for use in diagnosing obstructive lung disease in the primary care setting. ndd Medical Technologies successfully completed the Spirometer Review Process established by NLHEP in December 2004. ndd is proud to lead the industry by providing a spirometer that is accurate, affordable, and easy to use in the primary care setting. (978) 470-0923

Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, introduces the series 1120 Flow/Volume Simulator. The 1120 is the only device of its kind for testing peak flow meters and one of only two for testing spirometers. The device performs the ATS flow and volume waveforms for spirometer testing. Static and sinusoidal flows, custom waveforms, and heated and humidified deliveries are just some of the features available with this device. It has been validated to meet the latest standards for generating flow/volume waveforms per the new Peak Flow Meter EN Standard 13826. It is the first and only computerized piston device that has been validated to meet these higher frequency waveform definitions. This is a critical tool for hospital biomedical and quality control departments, respiratory therapy and engineering departments, and research laboratories. (800) 456-6695;

Alliance Tech Medical Inc, Granbury, Tex, the exclusive distributor and marketer of Clement Clarke’s line of respiratory products—including the highly rated Mini-Wright and Airzone peak flow meters; In-Check Dial, the inhaled medication inspiratory trainer; and the One Flow series of portable electronic monitoring spirometers—introduces the Mini Wright Digital, the newest advance in peak flow metering. The Mini Wright Digital includes FEV1 metering as well. The unit stores 240 measurements of each value with the ability to program personal predicted information for zone management along with a setting for FEV1 management. The Mini Wright Digital is the perfect tool for asthma and respiratory disease management. It’s intelligent. It’s simple. It’s accurate. It’s compact. It’s waterproof. (800) 848-8923;