Breathe Technologies has announced new research showing that use of its Non-Invasive Open Ventilation (NIOV) System in pulmonary rehabilitation was associated with a notable improvement in mean exercise duration change in patients with chronic respiratory disease. The Breathe NIOV System is an FDA-cleared wearable ventilation system intended for people with respiratory insufficiency. The retrospective case series enrolled seven patients in the test group (with NIOV) and nine in the control group.

The case series is designed to evaluate the effect of a wearable noninvasive open ventilation system in subjects with chronic respiratory disease in a pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) setting. At the end of the 36 visits, the results of the study showed that the mean change in exercise time was significantly higher in the NIOV group versus the control group despite the fact that patients in this group had more severe chronic lung conditions and poorer pulmonary function values at baseline, according to a Breathe Technologies news release.

In addition, patients in the NIOV group were able to exercise almost 5 minutes longer, on average,

Joanne Scasserra, CRT, RPTF, says, “It is well-established that pulmonary rehabilitation programs have been conclusively linked to positive clinical outcomes in dyspnea reduction, increased exercise capacity and reductions in hospitalization, but improvements in physical activity are currently limited by a lack of solutions that can be utilized to promote PR programs within clinical facilities and at home.”

Scasserra add that the NIOV System can be easily integrated in pulmonary rehabilitation programs in a number of patients, adding, “This technology has the potential to improve the current paradigm of respiratory care, through improved exercise outcomes, increased ambulation and empowerment for patients to more fully engage in daily activities.”

Larry Mastrovich, president and CEO of Breathe Technologies, states, “We are excited to see an ongoing trend of positive study results that continue to reinforce the clinical value of NIOV in improving exercise endurance in patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency who might otherwise be sedentary due to their conditions.”

Source: Breathe Technologies