The latest devices in humidification, inhaled nitric oxide, and oxygen therapy from Caire, Flexicare, Hans Rudolph Inc, O2 Concepts, NeoTech, Southmedic, and Sunset Healthcare Solutions.

Flexicare Inc

Available from Flexicare, NioFlo Nasal Cannulas offer many advantages when used in conjunction with humidification, including accurate delivery of high- and low-flow oxygen and optimized mucociliary clearance, while increasing alveoli recruitment. A premium cannula that offers improved patient comfort due to its satin-finish material with rounded edges, minimizing friction and pressure on delicate tissues. (see image above)


Oxy2Mask from Southmedic offers RTs the versatility of replacing multiple traditional oxygen devices, while delivering a broad range of FiO2 from 24-90% between 1-15 LPM, offering the best possible care for patients. This second-generation OxyMask maximizes the potential of its patented oxygen vortices through its redesigned snap fit diffuser. Its open design boosts patient safety and comfort, and saves clinicians’ time, fostering better compliance. Moreover, its cost-effective nature minimizes financial strain. Oxy2Mask caters to everyone with its availability in four sizes, from OxyTyke to OxyPlus, making it the leading choice in patient-centric oxygen masks.

Hans Rudolph Inc

Hans Rudolph’s new Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 Masks are disposable single-patient use oro-nasal masks intended to administer oxygen or other breathing gases into the upper airway for short-term or emergency applications of noninvasive respiratory support or ventilation (NIV) in hospitals, transport vehicles, institutions or other clinical settings. The Eagle 2 series mask has a supplemental, membrane-sealed port for use during insertion of a bronchoscope or other endoscopic device into the patient’s airway while still administering oxygen and other breathing gases. This mask also has a hose barb and female luer integrated in the mask dome. 

Neotech Products

The Neotech RAM Cannula is designed for low/high flow oxygen and can be used with or without humidity. It features soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort. Its simple set-up and flexible tubing help promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. The RAM is available in seven sizes.

O2 Concepts

O2 Concepts has introduced the Oxlife Liberty, the first continuous flow wearable POC available. It also features an intelligent, device-initiated cellular technology that connects DMEs with device data for new levels of operating efficiency, asset management and inventory control.

Caire Inc

Offering smart O2 delivery and patient comfort, the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator (POC) can help your oxygen patient resume daily activities following hospital discharge. This lightweight, ergonomic device offers five settings, sensitive breath detection technologies, and ensures there is no gap in treatment.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Available from Sunset Healthcare Solutions, Firesafe saves lives by stopping the flow of oxygen if downstream tubing is ignited. With its bidirectional design, Firesafe is installed within seconds. Its five-year intended lifespan means it’s longer lasting than standard tubing connectors and a cost-effective solution.