CPAP AirwaysDevelop_Strapette_225Airways Development LLC

Gentle on the skin while it resists sliding, Airways Development LLC’s Strapette is a new tape-free headband solution for stabilizing supply tubes for neonatal and pediatric patients. The headband comes with two tube tackles that attach anywhere on the headband for secure tube attachment and can be easily adjusted and repositioned. The tube tackles hold 10mm to IV size tubing.

CPAP FP_SimplusMask_160Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s F&P Simplus mask is engineered with full- face comfort, seal, and easy use in mind. The mask incorporates a RollFit Seal, ErgoForm Headgear, and Easy Frame, which work together for optimal comfort. The mask requires only three adjustments for an effective first fitting. 

CPAP Hans_V2Mask_200Hans Rudolph Inc

Hans Rudolph Inc offers the V2 Mask, available in either disposable or reusable versions. The seal of the V2 is completely redesigned to maximize the V2’s ability to seal to many different types of faces. There is no cumbersome forehead cushion or hard plastic frame in the V2 design, and it can be used for different applications, which are indicated by the color of the port on the front of the mask. 

CPAP AGIndustries_PedMask_160
AG Industries’
new line of Pediatric CPAP Masks for toddlers and children are designed for seal and comfort on small faces. The masks are equipped with ergonomic silicone facial cushions and are available in several exchangeable cushion sizes: the children’s frame (medium and large) and the toddler frame (small and extra small). The mask’s 5-point head- gear provides additional stability by securing over the head. 800-875-3138; 

CPAP AirwayMgmt_TapPapMask_200
Engineered to address the problems commonly associated with traditional CPAP masks, Airway Management’s TAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask encourages patient compliance by eliminating awkward straps and disruptive air leaks. The mask uses a form-fitting ThermAcryl mouthpiece for stability, is designed for quiet operation, and reduces the user’s work of breathing. 866-264-7667; 

CPAP Innomed_Aloha_160
Using a ball-and-swivel joint to minimize pull and accommodate various sleeping positions, InnoMed Technologies Inc offers the Aloha Nasal Pillow System. The device features Arced-Track Technology, allowing the angle of the pillow reservoir to be adjusted for a custom, natural fit. Angled exhalation ports minimize potential disruption or discomfort for the patient and sleeping partner. 888-280- 6546; 

CPAP NeoTech_ChinStrap_200
Intended to help keep the baby’s mouth closed during CPAP administration, Neotech Products’ Neotech Chinstrap is a form-fitting device with a split-chin design for comfort and stability. Made with NeoFoam, the Chinstrap is adjustable for various head sizes and shapes, is soft on the skin, and will not slide on the baby’s neck. An opening around the ears prevents discomfort and potential pressure ulcers or necrosis. The device is adaptable with most CPAP systems and is latex/phthalate free, DEHP free, and BPA free, making it ideal for the NICU. 800-966-0500;  

CPAP Pulmodyne_BiTrac_185
Equipped with seven interchangeable elbows and four different cushion shapes, Pulmodyne’s BiTrac Select is the company’s newest line of noninvasive ventilation masks. The mask’s interchangeable acces- sories give patients and clinicians options when selecting the best mask for the user’s needs. The Bi- Trac Select masks are made in the United States. 317-246-5505;

CPAP ResMed_QuattroAir_160
Featuring a sleeker, simpler, and less bulky design for even greater comfort, ResMed’s Quattro Air weighs 45% less than its Mirage Quattro and is one of the lightest full face masks on the market. The mask is equipped with only four parts, which makes cleaning and assembly a quick and easy process. 800-424-0737;



CPAP Sunset_DeluxeMask_150Sunset Healthcare Solutions offers its lightweight-designed Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask, with replaceable silicone cushions, removable headgear clips, and dual-swivel exhalation ports. The mask allows for increased freedom of movement while creating a secure seal without the need for a forehead support. This allows for a clear line of sight and fewer points of contact on the face, a solution for claustrophobic patients or those with glasses. 877-578-6738;