Maquet Medical Systems USA has launched two new intensive care ventilators, the Servo-U, and a dedicated neonatal intensive care solution, the Servo-n. The devices received clearance from the US FDA in December 2015.

The ventilators are the result of a comprehensive development process that involved collaboration with intensive care experts from around the world.


According to Maquet, the Servo-U represents the “next step” to making protective ventilation more accessible, understandable and easy to implement. The device can be used on neonates through adults and has a completely touch-based interface that helps clinicians manage ventilation.

The Servo-U is equipped with NAVA (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist) technology and Edi (electrical diaphragmatic) monitoring for enhanced patient-ventilator interaction and greater insight into patient respiratory condition.

The platform is designed to grow with the customer and can be upgraded easily and cost-effectively, according to Maquet.


Servo-n was created to help clinicians provide vulnerable neonatal and infant patients with the support they need while protecting the lungs, brain, and other developing organs, according to Maquet. The device is both sensitive and responsive in conventional modes of ventilation and compensates for variable leakage.

New hot-wire anemometer flow sensor technology works in conjunction with the internal sensor of the Servo-n to trigger, measure, and deliver the desired pressure levels and tidal volumes down to 2 mL. The device also includes both NAVA and noninvasive NAVA modes as standard. The technologies help clinicians match respiratory support to the often irregular breathing patterns of neonates, resulting in less work of breathing, lower peak pressures and FiO2 requirements, and improved comfort, Maquet reported.

Both the Servo-U and Servo-n are recipients of the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Award’s (MDEA) Gold Award in the “Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Products” category.

“Servo-U and Servo-n are quintessential Maquet products as each boasts our rich heritage in, and company-wide commitment to innovation in ventilation,” Raoul Quintero, president, Americas, Getinge Group, said in a press release. “Both ventilation platforms will allow us to bring additional, user-friendly support tools to clinicians at a time when care practice optimization is more important than ever. A clinician’s ability to tailor ventilation to individual patient needs, through the intuitive user interface and the system’s advanced capabilities like NAVA, is essential within the critical care environment. We believe that once our customers have tried Servo-U and Servo-n, they will never look at mechanical ventilators in the same way again.”