GCE Healthcare has launched the Zen-O Lite, a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator (POC) designed to helps patients with respiratory disorders like COPD to stay independent and active. The Zen-O Lite is the company’s second POC launched this year after the Zen-O in January 2016; both are aimed at increasing mobility for patients that require supplemental oxygen therapy.

Zen-O Lite weighs in at 5.5 lbs and delivers oxygen on demand at an output of 1050mL per minute. (For patients who need more oxygen, the Zen-O has a higher output of 2 LPM and weighs 10 lbs.)

Both Zen-O Lite and Zen-O are simple to operate and come with a battery, DC and AC power cords, and a carry bag, a pull cart (Zen-O only) plus a three-year device warranty. They are also easy to maintain, with sieve modules that are easily replaced in the field, avoiding the need to return the device to a service centre, which in turn reduces the cost of ownership for home oxygen providers.

“The Zen-O Lite extends our homecare product range to provide more choice and freedom for patients with respiratory disorders,” said Mike Galvin, Managing Director of GCE Healthcare. “Zen-O Lite is one of the lightest portable oxygen devices on the market and will help patients who are more active to continue to be mobile and do the activities they love.”

More information is available on the GCE Healthcare website.