CareFusion’s Vital Signs anesthesia delivery and patient monitoring business has entered into an exclusive agreement with AAM Healthcare to distribute its APA video laryngoscope in the US and 12 other countries, according to a company announcement.

The APA video laryngoscope is a handheld, portable device to aid in tracheal intubation. The device can be used for both routine and rescue airways and is interchangeable with Macintosh (MAC) and Difficult Airway Blades (DAB). The APA video laryngoscope is the first device of its kind to incorporate video into the practice of standard laryngoscopy, Carefusion says.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the products they need through the combination of our own R&D efforts and strategic external collaborations,” said David Young, vice president and general manager of the Vital Signs business line. “For more than 40 years, Vital Signs has strived to provide innovative and quality products, and the APA video laryngoscope is no exception.”

Video laryngoscopy can improve first time intubation compared to standard intubations and can be five times less likely to need to perform an oesophageal intubation, Carefusion says. The APA video laryngoscope offers improved Cormack-Lehane views, superior viewing angles compared to direct line of sight and an improved view of anatomical structures that are normally difficult or impossible to observe.

The product was first introduced by Vital Signs at the European Society of Anesthesia in June 2015 and is commercially available through CareFusion in the United StatesFranceSpainNorwayDenmarkIcelandFinlandSwedenUnited KingdomIrelandJapanAustralia and New Zealand.