oxygen_Caire_FreeStyleComfort2-500Caire Inc has debuted its new portable oxygen concentrator, the FreeStyle Comfort. The device, which weighs only 5 lbs, is designed with a comfort curve to rest against the natural contour of the body.

“Today’s launch is the culmination of a lot of hard work and innovation,” said George Coppola, Caire director of Marketing. “Our team has taken the development of this project extremely personal from the technological aspects to ergonomics. We pushed ourselves on all of the details: Is it comfortable? Where is the center of gravity? Can it be worn with or without a bag? We ultimately want the oxygen user to live their life to the fullest and maximize their comfort as they do it.”

The FreeStyle Comfort delivers up to 1,050 mL of oxygen per minute and is equipped with Caire’s UltraSense technology, ensuring a pulse of oxygen is delivered quickly in the early stages of the breath, reducing skipped breaths.

oxygen_Caire_FreeStyleComfort3-500The device has three different power options: AC, DC, or rechargeable battery power, and is FAA-approved for use on commercial air flights. Other features include:

  • An easy-to-use interface with glow-in-the-dark buttons and LCD display screen that shows prescribed flow setting and remaining battery charge.
  • User-replaceable battery packs come in two sizes, 8-cell and 16-cell, and can operate up to 4 and 8 hours, respectively, at pulse setting 2, extending the user’s time away from electrical power.
  • Wireless connectivity capabilities for providers to periodically monitor location and usage through Caire’s telehealth solution, Caireview.

“We are proud to introduce the latest in a long line of leading oxygen therapy equipment. The FreeStyle Comfort blends together durability, clinical efficacy and comfort for its user. We remain focused on providing our DME/HME providers, clinicians and their patients the products and services they need to provide the best of care,” said Earl Lawson, President of the BioMedical Group at Chart Industries Inc.