Caire Inc has launched its next-generation telehealth solution for oxygen therapy, myCAIRE, in the United States. The application connects to the company’s oxygen concentrators via the patient’s smart device and simplifies remote data collection through a secure, cloud-based technology in real-time.

myCAIRE can connect wirelessly to the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5 transportable oxygen concentrator, and the Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator. Most newly-prescribed oxygen users utilize a portable or transportable oxygen device to maintain their targeted saturation rate during their daily activities, and an at-home oxygen source – a stationary oxygen concentrator for when they are inside the home – particularly for use while they are at rest.

The myCAIRE application is available through Android, iOS and Surface platforms, and the portal provides customizable views, filtering and search options to view oxygen usage, flow rates, device notifications, equipment location, and requests sent directly from patients to the provider through the app.

myCAIRE setup is quick, and users will find the free application easy to use with features allowing them to view settings and notifications, share access with a caregiver, request service from their provider, and access the device user manual.

“It was important to us to have a telehealth solution that connected to Caire’s premier oxygen concentrators in the portable, transportable and stationary categories – the full spectrum of oxygen care for patients. Because of this, Caire is the only oxygen manufacturer that offers its provider partners a holistic approach to serving the complex healthcare needs of oxygen users during activity or when they are at home,” said Earl Lawson, President and CEO.