B&B Medical Technologies has released the Bubbler 12.5 cm H2O Pressure Relief Manifold for immediate sale. The unit is for use in bubble CPAP systems and is a companion product to B&B’s popular Bubbler Water Seal CPAP Valve. The Pressure Relief Manifold is FDA approved and carries the CE mark.

“Soon after we launched the B&B Bubbler two years ago, there were requests to expand our bubble CPAP system component offering,” said Derick Corrente, director of Operations at B&B Medical. “The Pressure Relief Manifold has been the number one requested item, the other components used in bubble CPAP systems (eg humidifier/chamber, neonatal circuit, CPAP interface, manometer, blender, etc.) are readily available from multiple manufactures. These other items are universal in nature and most likely already in the hospital’s current product inventory.”

The 12.5 cm H2O Pressure Relief Manifold is a single-use device for use with patients weighing less than 10 kg requiring a fresh gas inlet, oxygen sensor port and a pressure limitation system. The manifold relieves pressure in excess of 12.5 cm H2O. Each manifold comes with 12.5 cm H2O pressure relief valve, gas supply line and capped oxygen sensor port. The 22 mm ID inlet is compatible with all humidifier chambers. The manifold is used with the B&B Bubbler Water CPAP Valve 0 – 10 cm H2O and other commercially available systems.

The B&B Bubbler and Pressure Relief Manifold can be used in neonatal critical care units, delivery rooms and special procedure units. A few of the top features and benefits are:

  • Patented dual-chambered design allows fluid level to be observed without disrupting therapy
  • Internal, drainable overflow chamber limits fluid to desired CPAP level
  • Rotating CPAP dial and setting lock reduces risk of unintentional changes in pressure

“The response to the Bubbler has been gratifying over the past couple years and adoption of the product is accelerating at a rapid pace,” said Stu Novitz, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&B Medical. “We believe the addition of the Pressure Relief Manifold will encourage more conversions to the Bubbler, as the bubble CPAP valve of choice.”