GCE Healthcare will make Clarity, its online monitoring platform, available on its Zen-O lite portable oxygen concentrator (POC) for its US customers.
Clarity was launched in 2018 and uses cellular technology to transmit data such as oxygen purity, usage history, location and battery life. Home oxygen providers can monitor the POC 24/7 from any online device, wherever they are, to ensure customers are using it properly and adhering to their prescription.

Being able to plan time and resources to predictive maintenance means reduced operating and maintenance costs for providers in addition to improved care for patients. Users and their families can also be given access to the platform, so they can see how the connected Zen-O or Zen-O lite device is performing.

As well as extending Clarity’s availability to the Zen-O lite, GCE is also giving the Zen-O lite 4G connectivity to extend its coverage and reach and is working on introducing 4G on the Zen-O (currently on 2G), as a priority.

“The latest innovative developments from GCE Healthcare show our commitment to enhancing our products through connected technology and the Internet of Things. Clarity will enable home oxygen providers to operate efficiently and provide even better care to patients.” said Donald Oleforo, Product Manager Homecare, GCE Group.