Florida-based medical technology company AerosoLess recently released the SafetyNebTM, an aerosol delivery device fitted with water-resistant viral filters over its vent holes. These viral filters are designed to prevent both patient exhaled pathogens and fugitive emissions from entering into the environment.

In addition to the viral filters, the SafetyNebTM uses patent- pending technology to create a CPAP-like tight seal with the patient’s face, according to a press release from the company.

Photo contributed by AerosoLess Medical.

Unlike other devices which were designed primarily for optimizing the delivery of aerosolized medications, the AerosoLess SafetyNebTM was created to protect healthcare personnel without compromising medication delivery. “AerosoLess Medical was founded by an emergency medicine physician and an aeronautics and mechanical engineer,” says a statement from the company. “AerosoLess Medical confronts challenges by creating solutions specifically designed with the safety of healthcare professionals in mind.”