Tod Levesh and James Kellogg, two King County Medic One paramedics offer 10 tips on how emergency medical personnel can increase cardiac arrest survival, according to a news article on

1. Approach every cardiac arrest patient with a positive attitude

You are the patient’s best hope for survival. The statistics may say that resuscitation likelihood is low, but your positive attitude and astute medical practice will make a difference.

2. Think several steps ahead

As you work the patient, predict what may be needed 4 to 6 minutes in the future. Steps that greatly enhance the efficiency of your call include preplanning your move to the transporting unit, drawing up a few medications to have on standby, staging airway management equipment or personnel for extricating the patient.

3. Swallow your pride and put first things first

The biggest contributor to a successful resuscitation is NOT those medications and advanced airways of which we are so fond. In fact, the most important thing we can provide to our patients is quality BLS care — compressions, ventilations and defibrillation.