Dräger’s new Ambia and Ponta ceiling supply systems offer hospitals substantial flexibility in creating customized workstations that supports specific clinical needs in the operating room, ICU, and NICU.

The ceiling supply systems provide the ability to mount medical equipment and accessories on all four sides of the frame rail. This optimizes space, and allows equipment and accessories to be placed exactly where they are needed. Free positioning of a mix of electrical and gas outlets on all panels make it possible to place more outlets on a media column or head.

The result, Ambia helps streamline workflow with the goal of increasing the satisfaction and safety of staff and patients – now and in the future. And with coordinated frame color selections and drawer decor variants, Ambia and Ponta can be easily integrated into any room concept, creating a patient-friendly environment. In addition, lighting options featuring warm, glare-free light, along with the ability to select from a range of RGB colors, helping to contribute to a calming and soothing atmosphere.[1]

Ergonomic and Easy to Clean

Ambia and Ponta feature intuitive user interfaces that support quick and easy operation. The arm brake handles feature touch-sensitive sensors that automatically release the brakes, allowing rapid positioning of the media heads or columns. The brake handle locations on the units can also be adapted to suit individual staff or workflow requirements for ideal ergonomics. The handles communicate using wireless technology, allowing them to be located almost anywhere on the system.

For infection protection, rounded profiles and smooth materials that are compatible with a wide range of disinfection products help make the Ambia and Ponta easy and fast to clean and disinfect. A range of cable management options help eliminate cord clutter and assist with reducing exposed surface area and the accumulation of dirt. A touchless user control for operating ceiling and floor lights further supports infection prevention efforts.

Designing Optimal Workplaces

Dräger has more than 60 years of consulting experience in the design of medical workplaces, including the analysis of work processes and space requirements, consulting for optimized workflows and digitally supported room concept creation, and on-site equipment implementation.

Ambia and Ponta are manufactured by Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA.

[1] According to Wikipedia: In the RGB color space, the human eye perceives colors as a mixture of the three basic colors (red, green, blue).