DME provider Apria Healthcare Group Inc and CarePayment have partnered to bring CarePayment’s financing solutions to Apria patients who receive critical home medical equipment and home care supplies, according to a company announcement.

Apria is one of the largest durable medical equipment providers in the country, offering home respiratory therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, home enteral nutrition therapy and support, and home medical equipment to more than 1.8 million Americans every year.

CarePayment collaborates with providers across the healthcare industry to offer their patients and customers a 0% APR payment program that allows individuals to pay their medical expenses over time with low monthly payments and no credit bureau reporting.

With CarePayment’s programs, Apria patients can receive the medical supplies and care they need to live comfortably and safely at home, while paying their medical expenses over time.

More information is available on the Apria website.