Polysomnogram Automated Staging
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, offers the Fully Automated Sleep Stager (FASS), an add-on analysis module for the Comet® portable PSG, which produces standard Rechtschaffen and Kales sleep stages. The Comet provides up to 50 channels of data to be recorded and analyzed. With competitive pricing and rugged, compact design, this system combines powerful, yet easy-to-use TWin® software and state-of-the-art amplifiers. (877) 472-7779; www.grass-telefactor.com.

Improved CPAP Interface
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)Puritan Bennett, part of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, will soon introduce improvements to its Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP interface system, which was designed for patient comfort. Its streamlined design contours the head and floats over the face. The interface can be used with either nasal pillows or the DreamSeal® mask. Improvements are being made to the cradle pad and swivel adapter to make the Breeze SleepGear interface more comfortable and convenient. In addition, the Breeze SleepGear interface used with nasal pillows will have a more durable hose guide and a new clip that gives patients greater flexibility in positioning the halo straps. (800) 635-5267; www.puritanbennett.com.

d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)CPAP Seal Accessory
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)VIPTM oro-nasal masks by Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, MO, now feature a new button-on optional accessory seal called Sensa SealTM, which adds five more half-sizes to the existing range of five sizes. The Sensa Seal is an optional accessory to solve leak and sizing problems for patients worldwide. The VIP Vmasks (7600 and 7500 series) have soft, ribbed supported, silicone rubber, sealing flanges for a comfortable, leak-free fit. The Vmask face-sealing flange fits under the patient’s chin for assurance that the mouth does not drop and leak air from the CPAP/bilevel device of NIV ventilator. The under-the-chin fit also prevents the mask from riding up the patient’s face. (800) 456-6695; www.rudolphkc.com.

Vent Tester
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)The PneuView® ventilator training and test lung systems from Michigan Instruments, Gr.and Rapids, Mich, offer a combination of a realistically simulated patient and a versatile software tool. The “spontaneously breathing” option is useful for demonstrating sleep apnea patients and offers the ability to dynamically modify breath rate, breath size, and a variety of other parameters. (800) 530-9939; [removed]www.michiganinstruments.com/lung.htm[/removed].

Nebulizer Compressor
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)Revlis Medical Inc, Windermere, Fla, introduces the Sapphire nebulizer compressor system, which consists of a high-speed disposable nebulizer kit and the REVJET Reusable Breath Enhanced Nebulizer B.E.N.™ The compact Sapphire compressor is maintenance free, with no filter for the patient to replace. The REVJET B.E.N. design allows more complete treatments. Patients inhale through the nebulizer, not across it, pulling more aerosol medication into their lungs and cutting the treatment time by as much as half. The REVJET also includes the easy-to-use Quick-Fill™ feature to make adding medication simple for patients. (866) 473-8547; www.revlismedical.com.

Nasal CPAP Interface
d07a.jpg (9575 bytes)VIASYS Healthcare, Yorba Linda, Calif, introduces the Lyra nasal CPAP interface, which offers all four sizes in one package with one part number, eliminating the need to order multiple sizes and part numbers to fit a patient accordingly. Lyra also allows a customized fit for patients who have deviated septums or different size nares. By cutting the two different sizes in half, a large size can be placed on one side of the mask and a small size on the other to accommodate unique or hard-to-fit patients. Lyra reduces noise by distributing air through a five-port exhalation system on each side of the mask. It also offers patients the option of placing the tubing over the head or down toward the chest. (800) 231-2466; www.viasyshealthcare.com.