OPTI MEDICAL INC, Roswell, Ga, manufactures and markets the OPTI line of blood-gas, electrolyte, and glucose analyzers. The OPTI CCA-TS has a color touch screen that incorporates step-by-step pictures for easy operation. The OPTI is the only portable blood-gas analyzer on the market that directly measures tHb and SO2 in addition to blood gas, electrolytes, and glucose. The OPTI provides a maintenance-free system with single-use cassettes stored at room temperature that contain all the sensors and calibrating solutions. Take the analyzer for a virtual test drive with the interactive presentation on the company’s Web site.

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NOVA BIOMEDICAL, Waltham, Mass, provides Stat Profile® Critical Care Xpress. The compact analyzer includes a comprehensive test menu with blood gases, electrolytes, chemistry, hematology, and on-board CO-oximetry. All required liquid and gas calibrators, as well as on-board controls, are contained in snap-in reagent packs. SmartCheck software performs maintenance, and on-board data management software permits data capture, manipulation, and reporting. Sample and reagent waste are conveniently stored in a sealed waste container.

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ITC, Edison, NJ, added the lactate assay to its IRMA TRUpoint®. Easily transportable, the system provides rapid, accurate point-of-care testing in emergency and critical care situations. Single-use cartridges are available in a variety of analyte configurations. Stored at room temperature, the cartridges are capable of testing blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, and hematrocit. Electronic quality control, data management, and an on-board printer are additional features of the system.

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INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY, Lexington, Mass, offers the GEM® Premier™ 4000 Critical Care Analyzer Gem (electrolytes, metabolites, Glu, Lac, Hct, tHb, OxHb, COHb, HHB, MetHb, and SO2). with integrated CO-oximetry that provides consistent, acccurate, lab-quality results. Easy-to-use touch-screen displays make it simple to select and customize parameters. Self contained cartridges incorporate all components for patient testing and are maintenance-free. iQM automates quality control to assure high quality results and compliance.

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RAM SCIENTIFIC, Yonkers, NY, offers the SAFE-T-FILL® blood gas capillary tubes, which are 100% plastic for safe capillary blood collection to meet all federal and state laboratory safety compliance requirements. Used to collect capillary blood samples, these capillary tubes are ideal for replacing glass capillary, Natelson, and Caraway tubes. Available with either sodium or balanced heparin, and in a variety of sizes, SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes may be used for blood gas analysis, tests for multiple analytes, or as a transfer device for PKU and POC testing.

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RADIOMETER AMERICA, Westlake, Ohio, offers the safePICO, an arterial, pre-bar-coded sampler that helps ensure patient and caregiver safety. An onboard safety device features single-handed operation, allowing the safe removal of the syringe needle without the risk of needlestick injury. A vented tip cap allows for the removal of air and seals the sample, preventing contact with patient blood. A metal ball ensures rapid and accurate mixing of the sample prior to analysis. Learn how safePICO works as a component of 1st-automatic, Radiometer’s automated blood gas analysis system.

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