Nasal Pillows

Invacare Corp, Elyria, Ohio, offers the Twilight NP Nasal Pillow system, which provides a stable and unobtrusive interface. The headgear eliminates the need for straps or pads against facial skin, thus avoiding irritation to soft tissue. The nasal seal attaches to the headgear with a simple twist. Pillows are available in three sizes: standard, large and extra-large. (800) 333-6900;


Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, recently introduced the OptiLife™ mask as part of its new My Life series of masks. OptiLife features a new headgear design with no buckles, and, unlike most pillows- or prong-style products that solely use the nose to support the seal, OptiLife uses a chin support band to provide a soft foundation for the seal and eliminate unnecessary nasal irritation, pressure, or pulling. The unit’s flexible headgear and chin support band allow the mask to be put on and adjusted with little effort. In fact, officials say that patients and sleep lab technicians can put the mask on with one hand, making it a practical option for stroke victims or patients with limited mobility. The mask also features pillows cushions that come in four sizes (petite, small, medium, and large) to ensure an excellent seal for a wide range of patients. (800) 345-6443;


VIASYS Respiratory Care, Yorba Linda, Calif, offers the versatile, compact, mobile BreatheX™ Journey CPAP. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides 12 hours of use at 10 cm H2O. It provides CPAP pressures from 5 to 12 cm H2O and features a ramp and altitude compensation. With BreatheX Journey, you can use the 21″ or 72″ hose provided to position the CPAP system wherever it is most comfortable or convenient. The BreatheX Journey can be placed next to the pillow or on the nightstand. Because it is battery powered and compact, patients can take it when they travel, even when they go camping. BreatheX Journey is compatible with a range of masks and nasal pillow systems. BreatheX Journey allows the user to receive CPAP therapy in a variety of settings, making it more likely that they will get the sleep they need. (800) 582-7458;


Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, offers the VT MOBILE, a portable, general-purpose gas-flow analyzer. It is capable of performance testing the broad range of medical gas-flow/pressure devices used in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. In addition to addressing general-purpose needs, VT MOBILE is equipped with special displays that speed ventilator and anesthesia-machine performance testing. (800) 648-7952;

Portable Air System

Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, has announced a new portable medical air system. The AirTOTE™ simplifies delivery while providing a new level of effectiveness to distributing medical air. Its all-in-one design incorporates a click-style regulator with a cylinder valve, which eliminates the time spent matching regulators and cylinders. The AirTOTE system is based on Western’s popular OxyTOTE™ oxygen system, proven in years of use at thousands of locations. The AirTOTE system provides the patient with a precise flow. It incorporates Western’s unique SureClick™ feature, which reduces the risk of dialing the flow selector between click settings, making it easier for clinicians to dial in and secure medical air flow. All AirTOTE systems have a built-in handle for portability, a durable cover to protect the regulator and valve assembly, and a DISS 1160 auxiliary port (demand valve). In addition, they have a medical outlet barb for attaching a cannula. Outlet pressure is 50 psi. Cylinders can be transfilled via a CGA-346 port on the unit’s reverse side. (440) 871-2160;


Contour Living™, Fort Lauderdale, Fla, introduces the CPAP Sleep Aid™, specifically designed for sleep apnea sufferers who use CPAP masks. The CPAP Sleep Aid’s patented design features hollowed-out areas on each of the pillow’s lower sides, which accommodate patients’ CPAP mask and hose, alleviating mask pressure against the face to improve comfort and help prevent mask leaks. These pressure-free mask zones allow CPAP patients to sleep on either their left or right sides and even on their stomachs. (800) 950-0230;