Aerosol Therapy
AeroChamber Max® Monaghan Medical
AeroEclipse® II BAN Monaghan Medical
LiteAir® Holding Chamber Thayer Medical Corp
Stratos portable aerosol compressor system Invacare
Albuterol sulphate 0.5% Nephron Pharmacueticals
Albuterol sulphate 0.042% Nephron Pharmaceuticals
Tri-Flex II bariatric bed Burke Inc
Tri-Lift bariatric bed Burke Inc
Blood GAS Analysis
cobas b 221 system Roche Diagnostics
GEM® PCL Plus Instrumentation Laboratory
GEM® Premier™ 3000 Instrumentation Laboratory
Hematocrit control RNA Medical®
OMNI® C analyzer Roche Diagnostics
OPTI® CCA-TS blood gas analyzer Osmetech Inc
OPTI® R blood gas analyzer Osmetech Inc
Rapidlab 1200 analyzer Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics Division
SAFE-T-Fill® RAM Scientific
Safe-Wrap Combo blood collection tubes RNA Medical
Stat Profile® pHOx® analyzer Nova Biomedical
Career Opportunities
Aureus Medical Group
CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test Breathe E-Z Systems
CO Sleuth carbon monoxide detection Breathe E-Z Systems
Lung simulation Hans Rudolph Inc
PS415 patient simulator Fluke Biomedical
SmartLung Test Lung South Pacific Biomedical
Statco2™/Mini Statco2™ CO2 detectors Mercury Medical
TL2 Test Lung System South Pacific Biomedical
Degree programs Independence University/CCHS
Resource center Cardinal Health
Vigor8™ Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Information/Communications Management
VentLink™ ventilator/patient interface MediServe Information Systems
Poly-Suite 5.0 Clinical Database Nihon Kohden America
RapidComm data management system Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics Division
Siesta 802.IIb data recorder Compumedics USA Ltd
Intraprocedural Devices/Supplies
SafeTway® mouthpiece Vitalograph
240® Blue™ tracheostomy tubestabilizer Dale® Medical Products Inc
Airway management devices B&B Medical Technologies Inc
CookGas® intubating laryngeal airway Mercury Medical
Swallowing and speaking valve Passy-Muir Inc
Stabilock™ endotracheal tube holder Dale® Medical Products Inc
Thomas Tube Holder™ Laerdal
7600 Series Mask Hans Rudolph Inc
DreamFit™ Puritan Bennett
NASAL-AIRE® II critical care interface Hudson RCI, a division of Teleflex Medical
OxyArm Southmedic Inc
OxyMask Southmedic Inc
Premium Headgear with EZ Peel™ Tab Respironics® Inc
NICO2® respiratory profile monitor Respironics® Inc
DX-pH Probe™ Restech
UltraFlow Rochester Electro-Medical
Aeroneb® Go evo Medical Solutions
Aeroneb® Profession Aerogen Ltd, a Nektar Company
HOPE™ continuous nebulizer B&B Medical Technologies Inc
LC® Sprint PARI Medical Equipment Inc
LiteAir® holding chamber Thayer Medical Corp
MotoNeb Revlis Medical Inc
PARI TREK® S compact compressor PARI Medical Equipment Inc
VixOne Westmed Inc
Oxygen Therapy
515ADS concentrator DeVilbiss, a division of Sunrise Medical
Airsonett Airshower® dolly Airsonett Inc
Aquinox™ high flow
humidification system Smiths Medical Inc
Escort XL™ TRG Inc
FORMULA-8 thread sealant Fluoramics Inc
Heliox regulator TRG Inc
LOX-8 thread sealant Fluoramics Inc
Portable oxygen assemblies Invacare®
Respond C5 oxygen conserver Responsive Respiratory Inc
TOTAL O2 delivery system CHAD Therapeutics
Walk-O2-Bout® Airgas Puritan Medical
Positive Airway Pressure Therapy
AirLife™ infant nCPAP system Cardinal Health
Everest™ AEIOMed Inc
EzPAP® positive airway pressure system Smiths Medical Inc
REMstar Pro M Series Respironics® Inc
S8 Elite™ ResMed Corp
SleepStyle™ 600 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
VPAP® Adapt SV™ ResMed Corp
Pulse Oximetry
BCI® 3301, 3303 Smiths Medical PM
CAS 750 CAS Medical Systems Inc
PalmSAT 2500 Nonin Medical Inc
PULSOX-2 Maxtec Inc
Pulsox-300i Maxtec Inc
Soft Sensors Nonin Medical Inc
Secretion Clearance/Resuscitation
CASS suction regulator Boehring Laboratories Inc
G180 AC/DC portable suction unit Allied Healthcare Products Inc
Platinum Series suction regulators Boehringer Laboratories Inc
SmartVest® Electromed Inc
The Quake® Thayer Medical Corp
Ultra-lite™ Model 326 Impact Instrumentation Inc
Sleep Diagnostics
AirEEG WirelessEEG/PSG system Nihon Kohden America
AAura® PSG wireless system Grass Technologies, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group
Capnocheck® sleep capnograph/oximeter Smiths Medical PM Inc
COMET™ Grass Technologies, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group
DX-Sleep Adapter™ Restech
Easy Ambulatory 2 EEG/PSG system Cadwell Laboratories Inc
Gemini child sensor Dymedix Corp
MedGraphics® Elite™ Series Medical Graphics Corp
Owl® plethysmograph Ferraris Respiratory Inc
Quik-Cap PSG Compumedics USA Ltd
Q-Video® Cadwell Laboratories Inc
Clear Advantage™ Creative Biomedics Inc
CPET 680™ testing system Ferraris Respiratory Inc
Discovery 2 Futuremed America Inc
Flow/Volume Calibrator Jones Medical Instrument Co
Mini-Wright digital peak flow meter Alliance Tech Medical Inc
Satellite Plus Jones Medical Instrument Co
SpiroVision-3+ Futuremed America Inc
754 Uni-Vent® Eagle™ Impact Instrumentation Inc
AVEA VIASYS Healthcare Respiratory Group
CBRN filter Newport Medical Instruments
LTV® 950 VIASYS Healthcare-Pulmonetic Systems
LTV® 1200 VIASYS Healthcare-Ppulmonetic Systems
Newport e360 Newport Medical Instruments Inc
O2 sensor Maquet Critical Care
SERVO-i Infant Release 3.1 Maquet Critical Care