One of our goals in 1999 is to bring additional value to the RT Web site, While we stay in regular contact with our readers in regard to ways we can improve the printed version of RT, we now would like to tap into the creativity and knowledge of our 20,000-plus readers to find out how we can offer additional value to our Web site visitors. While the printed version of RT will always be our primary method of delivering information to respiratory care practitioners, we strongly believe that the cyber version of RT can and should be just as valuable and useful as an adjunct to its ink-on-paper counterpart. Please take a few moments to print this page, complete the following questionnaire, and either mail or fax (310-301-3329) this page to my attention. Our mailing address is: Attn: Tony Ramos, RT Magazine, 4676 Admiralty Way, Ste 202, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Or you can email your suggestions and ideas to me at [email protected]. We are open to all suggestions, and can assure you that we will incorporate many of your ideas to make the RT Web site both more informative and user-friendly. Thanks for your help with this project.

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Tony Ramos