PARI Pharma, Monterey, Calif, will reveal a prototype Closed System with eFlow Technology to control medication administered through the nebulizer system. eFlow Technology allows efficient aerosolization of liquid medications through a vibrating, perforated membrane. The closed system is designed to reduce the risk of using the wrong medication in the delivery device, simplify filling procedures, and improve dose uniformity and hygiene.

“This is a very exciting period in inhalation drug development. Building on our ability to customize a delivery device and a medication formulation, we have been able to take eFlow Technology a step further by creating an aerosol device that will only deliver its matching formulation. This has a number of advantages for our pharmaceutical partners, physicians, and patients,” says Geoff A. Hunziker, president of eFlow LLC. “The Closed System using eFlow Technology takes away the risk of someone putting anything other than their prescribed medication into an advanced delivery device, while keeping medication sealed until it is opened in the nebulizer.”

The closed system will be unveiled today at the 22nd Annual Medical Plastics Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.