Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), Lexington, Mass, a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of in vitro diagnostic instruments, related reagents, and services, is celebrating the anniversary date of its founding, 50 years ago today. The company launched its “50 and Forward” celebration in 2008 and will continue the program through its anniversary year with events that reflect on IL’s 50 years of achievements, as well as its plans for the future.
Among its products, the IL 113 launched a new era of automation in the industry, and set the stage for IL’s innovation for half a century. From the IL 113 blood gas analyzer, to the IL 143 flame photometer, to the invention of CO-Oximetry, IL launched products that replaced time-consuming manual techniques. 

Today, IL’s products are used in hospital laboratories, ICUs, operating rooms, and emergency rooms, bringing automation and accuracy to caregivers and the patients that rely on them.

“We’re proud that IL’s history of ‘firsts’ has played a part in revolutionizing the world of medical diagnostics across the globe. Patients and caregivers benefit from our discoveries on nearly every continent, every single day,” said Josep Manent, CEO of IL.

Instrumentation Laboratory plans to begin 2009 with the launch of another addition, the ACL AcuStar™ to its ACL family of hemostasis testing instruments, that use ‘chemiluminescence’ technology to automate specialty assays.