According to a new study by researchers from USC’s Keck School of Medicine, e-cigarettes can leave teenage vapers with bronchitic symptoms and persistent coughs that are similar to those suffered by smokers.

Researchers analyzed questionnaires completed by young e-cigarette smokers on their general health and found that youngsters who smoked e-cigarettes had double the likelihood of suffering symptoms such as persistent coughs.

Youngsters who had previously smoked e-cigarettes, but given up, were 85% more likely to have symptoms.

“E-cigarettes are known to deliver chemicals toxic to the lungs, including oxidant metals, glycerol vapor, diketone flavoring compounds and nicotine,” said Dr Rob McConnell. “However, there has been little study of the chronic health effects of e-cigarettes. The Children’s Health Study provided an opportunity to examine bronchitic symptoms common among smokers to see if the risk was also increased in users of e-cigarettes.”