The global coronavirus total reached 5,000,000 known cases on May 20, with 328,191 deaths reported worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE).

It took over 3 months for the world to register one million cases of coronavirus on April 2, but less than two months later the total has quintupled to 5,000,561.

  • Apr 2: One million
  • Apr 14: Two million
  • Apr 27: Three million
  • May 9: Four million
  • May 20: Five million

Russia and Brazil have seen the largest surges in cases recently, with 308,705 and 291,579 infections respectively. Twelve nations now have at least 100,000 infections, including Peru which has had a major increase in cases. Infections in the South American nation have more than doubled since May 1 to push it to the twelfth most cases worldwide.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to bear the greatest burden with 1,551,853 known cases or nearly one-third (31%) of the world’s infections. The US death toll is approaching 100,000, with a total of 93,439 deaths as of May 20.

Eight states now have 50,000 or more reported infections, led by New York State with 354,370 known cases.

New York354,37028,636
New Jersey150,77610,749