CT lung imaging and MRI brain scans have detected a visual correlation between COVID-19 disease severity in the lungs and effects on patients’ brains, according to research published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology. Scientists believe observing CT scans may indicate severity of subsequent neurological conditions in patients and allow for earlier interventions.

Of 135 COVID-19 patients with abnormal CT lung scans and neurological symptoms, 49, or 36%, were also found to develop abnormal brain scans and were more likely to experience stroke symptoms. 

“These results are important because they further show that severe lung disease from COVID-19 could mean serious brain complications, and we have the imaging to help prove it,” [said Abdelkader Mahammedi, MD, assistant professor of radiology at University of Cincinnati Health and the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute]. “Future larger studies are needed to help us understand the tie better, but for now, we hope these results can be used to help predict care and ensure that patients have the best outcomes.” 

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