Even though it is springtime, many wonder if flu season is just getting started as flu activity in Massachusetts and other large swaths of the country soar.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health released its latest weekly influenza update Friday, which showed influenza-like illness activity in the state went from “low” to “moderate” severity in the week from April 3 through April 9.

The percent of influenza-like illness visits in Massachusetts is 2.59%, which is higher than the regional baseline of 2.0%, the department said.

Laboratory-confirmed influenza cases increased by 44% this week, with more influenza A than influenza B positive specimens being reported. More than 1,800 positive labs for influenza were reported this week, the highest weekly number reported all season, causing the second peak of influenza A in Massachusetts, the department said.

The percent of hospitalizations associated with influenza is 0.97%, which is higher than last season and the 2019-2020 season, but lower than the 2018-2019 season, DPH noted in its report.

The highest influenza-like illness activity is being reported in the western region of the state, while the central, northeastern and southeastern regions are reporting moderate activity. Boston, inner Metro Boston and outer Metro Boston regions are reporting low activity, DPH said.

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