According to a Mass Live report, Baystate Health, headquartered in Massachusetts, is reporting a late flu season and heavy local outbreak of RSV.

The two infections, which can be tough to tell apart, have Baystate doctors warning the public, and offering reassurance to parents as well at a Friday afternoon news conference.

“Every winter, kids will get infections that bring fevers,” said Dr Joeli Hettler, chief of the Baystate Children’s Pediatric Emergency Room. “Most do extremely well.”

Sarah Haessler, Baystate Health epidemiologist said both flu and RSV are dangerous to the very young and to the very old.

Hettler said infants younger than 3 months with fevers need medical attention. But those older than 3 months can be treated safely at home with Tylenol or ibuprofen. Parents can also consult with a pediatrician on the phone.

“They may not want to eat, but they should drink enough to give you a wet diaper every six to eight hours,” Hettler said adding that both infections make kids sleepier than usual. “Parents should see flashes of their kids personality every hour or so.”

But if a child is not drinking enough , difficult to wake or starting to take on a blue color, parents should take action.

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