According to research published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, ICU patients receiving mechanical ventilation had a 70.5% mortality rate compared to 21.4% of hospitalized patients not requiring intubation.

Researchers say, however, patients intubated within 24 hours of admission had better outcomes versus patients those receiving mechanical ventilation later in their hospitalization.

Mechanical ventilation was required by 1967 patients (16.8%). Mortality among hospitalized patients was 21.4% and increased to 70.5% among those on mechanical ventilation. In this study, death among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 infection was highly associated with mechanical ventilation during hospitalization. Survival for hospitalized patients with a known disposition was 77.4% overall, and was as high as 87.7% for patients who never received mechanical ventilation. Among the 1901 patients with known outcomes who received mechanical ventilation, only 27.1% were discharged alive.