Adults hospitalized with all-cause community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) had low rates of influenza antiviral treatment, which was associated with a positive influenza result earlier in the course of illness as well as more severe disease, according to a study reported at IDWeek 2014.

Noting data on the use of influenza antiviral treatment among patients hospitalized with all-cause CAP are limited, CDC scientistsĀ enrolled 2,320 adults with CAP between January 2010 and June 2012 at 5 hospitals in Chicago and Nashville.

Of 1,487 (64%) adults enrolled during influenza season, 180 (12%) received treatment. Among the 581 patients (39%) for whom clinicians ordered influenza tests (96%, PCR), 48 had a positive result and 37 (77%) received an oseltamivir. Of the 100 influenza cases that were positive, 41 patients received oseltamivir.