A committee of health experts at the World Health Organization reports governments are not doing all they can to tackle MERS, according to Medical Daily.

The WHO’s emergency committee, which meets regularly to consider the international response to the disease, said in a statement that its advice had not been completely followed and some countries were not doing their duty to report all cases to the WHO.

“Asymptomatic cases that have tested positive for the virus are not always being reported as required,” the committee said. Scientific research and virological surveillance were not always shared in a timely manner, it said.

“Inadequate progress has been made, for example, in understanding how the virus is transmitted from animals to people, and between people, in a variety of settings. The Committee was disappointed at the lack of information from the animal sector.”

The committee said it wanted to alert public health authorities and animal and agricultural agencies to the “significant public health risks” posed by MERS and urged them to collaborate with each other and internationally.

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