A Denver Zoo orangutan is breathing easier with the help of an eFlow Technology nebulizer from PARI Pharma GmbH. Mias, a 27 year old orangutan, has what veterinarians believe to be chronic airsacculitis, a complex respiratory disease that is a substantial problem in both wild and zoo orangutans. Current information suggests that this condition in orangutans may also have some similarities to cystic fibrosis in humans.

Since his arrival at the zoo in 1997, Mias has struggled with sinus and respiratory issues that resemble a head cold. Zoo staff have searched for treatments since then to improve Mias’ quality of life. Recently, they began using an eFlow Technology-based nebulizer (TRIO) as part of his treatment regimen.

“We are so grateful for this technology from PARI Pharma and the help we received from human doctors, especially Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Cousar from National Jewish Health. This support has helped Mias tremendously,” says Deena Brenner, DVM, veterinarian at the Denver Zoo.

Nebulizers are used to treat a variety of respiratory diseases in humans and animals, and zoos are now using nebulizers to treat airsacculitis in orangutans. Nebulizers that are recommended for treatment of cystic fibrosis have shown the best efficacy in treating this disease in orangutans.

In the case of Mias, zookeepers used an eFlow Technology-based nebulizer to distribute a bronchodilator to open his small airways and saline to moisturize and break apart thick secretions in his lungs. He has also received antibiotics by nebulization to treat infection. Prior to beginning treatment, Mias was lethargic and could be found in a corner holding his head. Now, zookeepers report, he is far more active, alert, and social.

Source: PARI Pharma GmbH