A new study suggests COPD patients can benefit from regularly practicing liuzijue qigong (LQG), a routine of meditative movement and breathing patterns traditionally performed in China.

The single-blind study randomized 126 COPD patients, aged between 65 and 85 years old in Beijing, China, to either undergo a 45-minute LQG program, 4 times a week, along with daily walking for 30 minutes for 6 months; or just daily walking for 30 minutes. Patient baseline data was obtained and reassessed at 6 weeks and 6 months. Primary outcomes included functional capacity, and secondary outcomes involved quality of life.

The researchers found that the LQG group exhibited significant improvements in their lung function, general health, mental health, and quality of life at the end of 6 months, compared to the COPD patients in the control group.

This suggests this traditional form of meditation and exercise may be greatly beneficial in rehabilitating older COPD patients, and may be used as a favorable alternative to regular exercise routines.

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