Mark Junge, a 70-year-old adventurer, cyclist, and COPD awareness advocate, is currently en route traversing North America via bicycle with the aid of Philips Respironics. The goal of the 500-mile bicycle ride is to raise awareness for COPD and encourage oxygen-dependent people to stay as active as possible.

Junge began the tour in Tijuana, Mexico, and will complete the trip in six stages, concluding in Homer, Alaska. For the duration of the tour, a Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator is strapped to the back of the bicycle to help him breathe more easily on his journey. Junge, who was diagnosed with COPD in 2003, will be able to use SimplyGo at a pulse dose while riding, and set it to a continuous flow of oxygen while biking uphill and while sleeping. Junge’s wife, Ardath, is accompanying him on the journey, riding alongside her husband in a support vehicle.?

“My bike adventure shows the world that people who have respiratory problems, such as COPD, are capable of not only fulfilling their lives but even achieving their fondest ambitions if they can be mobile. Mobility means freedom, and freedom is something that all people across the globe desire,” said Junge. “I am grateful for the chance to be an inspiration to millions while I pursue my passion.”??

Since 2004, Junge has logged 9,000 miles on a bicycle—a distance equal to nearly one-third of the earth’s circumference—in order to raise awareness of COPD. Junge’s bicycle tour aims to remove misconceptions surrounding the abilities of individuals with COPD and those living with the aid of portable oxygen. His ride highlights advances made in portable oxygen technology and promotes an active lifestyle for individuals who are oxygen dependent.

“We are awed by Mark’s passion for living his dreams while showing others that a condition like COPD does not have to hinder them,” said Eli Diacopoulos, vice president and general manager of Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. “It is particularly inspiring to see how SimplyGo has empowered Mark and other individuals with COPD to maintain a high quality of life, participating in the activities that they want to, whether daily tasks, travel, or exercise.”