Cigars and cigarillos contain varying amounts of nicotine, reports MedPage Today. 

For large cigars, the nicotine content ranged from 18.10 mg for the Blunt Ville Natural Deluxe to 505 mg for the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill. For cigarillos, the amount varied from 14 mg for Zig Zag Straight Up to 36.40 mg for Good Times Straight Natural, Lynn Hull, PhD, a pharmacologist at the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, and colleagues found.

“This study reveals some of the challenges in experimental cigar research and illustrates the need to characterize cigar products before using them in clinical studies,” the researchers wrote. “Continual monitoring of the physical and chemical properties would be useful to further understand these products’ toxicity, abuse potential, and impact on the public health.”

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