IBC AffloVestInternational Biophysics Corporation has debuted AffloVest, a new portable, battery-operated high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest that gives respiratory patients the freedom to move around during treatments. Widely used in Europe, the vest has received FDA 510k clearance and is now available in the U.S.

“Mobility is a huge differentiating factor with this vest,” says a leading COPD advocate Bill Clark, who has tested the AffloVest. “The vest offers three distinctly different modes of therapy. By utilizing all three therapies in each session, the AffloVest provides for successful airway clearance. One of the programs, which involves percussion movements from the lower back and chest to the upper back and chest, felt incredible and helped bring a productive cough more quickly. I was even able to return phone calls and move from room to room during the treatment,” Clark said.

Weighing approximately 10 pounds, the AffloVest provides adjustable levels of treatment intensity. Doctors and patients can tailor treatments, with settings that provide chest wall oscillation treatment on both the front and back of the vest.

The AffloVest is available in adult and child sizes and requires a physician’s prescription. It can be purchased through Durable Medical Equipment and Home Medical Equipment retailers.